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ortus organum 26
Kaleidoskop – Neue Orgelpräludien und Begleitsätze zu ausgewählten Kirchenliedern (Heft 4)
Heft 4: Passion und Ostern
for org
Edited by Gunter Kennel


Softcover, 75 pages
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Book 4 contains arrangements of common Passion and Easter hymns according to the tried and tested principles of this series, as described in the previous books. The only exception is EG 99, where several chorale preludes have been omitted, and instead only short intonations have been placed before the accompaniments in accordance with the usual liturgical usage. However, a toccata has been added to this hymn, which can be used as a prelude or postlude to a church service or as a concert piece.

New composers in this edition are Juliane Felsch-Grunow, Sebastian Heindl, Xaver Schult and Peter Wingrich.

Berlin, in November 2023,
Prof Dr Gunter Kennel, Regional Church Music Director

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