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om307 / Volume 23
Kaleidoskop – Neue Orgelpräludien und Begleitsätze zu ausgewählten Kirchenliedern (Heft 2)
Heft 2: Weihnachten (I)
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Edited by Gunter Kennel
ISMN 979-0-502342-25-8
Soft cover, 56 pages
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This volume with preludes and accompaniments continued a series of publications of the Evangelischen Kirche Berlin – Brandenburg – schlesische Oberlausitz (EKBO, which presents new compositions and arrangements of well-known and common spiritual songs for use in church services over several volumes. The songs are taken from the main part of the Evangelisches Gesangbuch (EG) and the songbook Singt Jubilate (SJ) introduced in the EKBO. For ecumenical use, the numbers of the Gotteslob (GL) are also included with the songs. [...] The level of difficulty of the pieces is kept at a level that is attainable for part-time organists, sometimes with more, sometimes with less practice. Therefore, as a rule, two preludes and two to four accompaniments of varying degrees of difficulty are presented for each song. Care is also taken to ensure that at least one prelude and one movement can also be performed on a smaller, single-manual instrument. Where at least two manuals are required or desired, this is indicated by the intended dynamics or by the obligatory notation of the voice to be emphasised. Specific instructions for registers are sparingly given and are usually of a general nature in order to bring the realisation on the specific instrument in the intended direction without restricting it too much. As a rule, the technically easier and shorter prelude is printed first, unless there are technical reasons for not doing so. [...] The compositions presented are based on the one hand on the character of the underlying song, both textually and musically, and on the other hand on the overall principle of diversity and originality. Thus, the textual and musical material of the songs set to music is viewed exemplarily through a kaleidoscope of different styles and equally artistic-sentimental and theological approaches, which are also intended to inspire one's own attempts at improvised preludes and accompaniments.

From the preface by Gunter Kennel


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